360|Flex 2014 Session Recordings!

A bit more delayed than I planned, but here they are!! I'm working on a way to embed them on our session recordings page, but for now, the youtube playlist will have to suffice.   We hope you enjoy! Feel free to share them around, let … [Read more]

360Flex 2014 – Never stop improving

I was having dinner with Alex Harui (Adobe, FlexJS) the other night (he was in town for ApacheCon) and we got to talking about how we could further make 360|Flex an awesome value to the Flex developer community. An idea struck. It's still in the … [Read more]

360Flex 2014 has General sessions, panels, and labs

Learn from experts Bringing speakers from around the world, who've been part of the Flex Community since it started, 360|Flex has assembled a rock star-esque line up for a packed two-day event that will send every attendee home with more knowledge … [Read more]

Flex Developers Unite and Learn

Whether you're building best in class desktop apps, or awesome mobile apps in Flex there's content that's gonna improve your skill set at 360|Flex 2014. With four labs to choose from, you can dive in and get your hands dirty in a number of topics. … [Read more]

360|Flex 2014, Venue, Schedule, and hotel info

Lots of news to share! Speakers/Schedule If you haven't been watching the site, we've been adding some session details and fleshing out the schedule. Take a look, we've got an awesome speaker line up and are really happy with the schedule so … [Read more]

The Look of the new 360|Flex

So We're back! We honestly didn't think we'd be back. But here we are. We asked, you answered and now 360|Flex is back. We're still working out the details, and inviting speakers directly (Sorry no CFP this time). You can see on the right how … [Read more]

360Flex – Who SHOULD NOT Come

So we've done "who should come" posts before, and they definitely apply to every 360|Flex. I thought I'd take a minute to point out who shouldn't come to 360|Flex 2011. You shouldn't come to 360|Flex if... You're "so busy" you don't need to … [Read more]

360Flex You don’t leave empty handed

And I don't mean we have a huge expo area that sends you home with 32 pens, 7 foam things for stress, and 2 thumb drives that are too small to hold real data, and 16 stickers, 3 of which you'll use the rest you won't I mean you'll get some goodies … [Read more]

360Flex – Great Advice on Attending Conferences

I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, and wanted to share it because well... I say it a lot about the conference and why and how to make it the best possible experience for attendees, but this post really does a good job. I've pasted … [Read more]