Web Sessions

Every month we host one to two web sessions via Adobe Connect. They’re free to attend, and recorded so others can watch them if they didn’t make it to the session. We’re always looking for presenters as well so if you’re interested in doing an hour or so presentation online around 11:30am, Mtn time, let us know.

In the meantime, here’s a list in order of most recent to least, of our existing web sessions.

Benoit Marchant – Montage Deep Dive

Ted Patrick – TypeScript

Ben Bishop – Cross Platform Development with Mono

Alex Harui – FlexJS

Paul Taylor – Reactive Programming

Michael Labriola – WebComponents

Michael Labriola – Randori


  1. […] Here’s the link to the recording of the FlexJS session (and other recordings). http://360flex.com/websessions/ […]

  2. […] October 23 – Alex Harui of Adobe and Apache Flex gave a great overview of the FlexJS project. Watch the entire recording and see this unique approach to building cross-platform Flex applications targeting both SWF and […]