AngularJS for Flex Developers

Description: How do your apply your Flex skills to the world of HTML5? There are plenty of approaches, but the one I love is AngularJS.  Come  to this session to learn about binding, DataGrids, controllers, and  Angular’s own extensions to HTML elements.

Flex Tech Session

Details coming soon, we’ve added one more session by Michael Labriola

LUNCH: Polymer for Flex Devs

Polymer is a project by google allowing us to create web components and use them through declarative markup. Sound familiar? It should, Polymer might as well be Flex’s little cousin with looser typing and broader support. It’s an interesting project, totally bleeding edge, likely to change a bit and simultaneously insanely cool and undeniably useful. Come learn how to integrate this project into your process today and how to bring sanity and reuse to your world.

LUNCH: Case Study: From Flex to Web Standards

In this session, Ted Patrick will walk you through rearchitecting Flex Applications using Web Standards. We will take a look at frameworks, libraries, and methodologies for building larger scale applications. We will also dissect which recently migrated from Flex to Web Standards using TypeScript and EaselJS.

Developing client-server AS apps w/out server-side coding

(LAB) Working Description: “Develop a basic fully functional, client-server “To Do List” app (or something similar) during the session. We would focus entirely on the client-side and consume the server-side as a service via ready-to-go APIs. “

Committer’s-eye view of Apache Flex

A short history of nearly everything about the project – Installer(Badge), SDK, FalconJx, FlexJS and CI/Mustella – from a committer’s perspective.

Testing with Adobe Scout

(LAB) Justin will spend two hours showing the ins and outs of using Adobe Scout for testing your app.

General Session: Enterprise Roadmap

Where do we see Flex in the enterprise going?

What’s being worked on, what’s next, what’re the best options?

In other words, “I would like to tell my developers to start moving away from mx:hasNoFuture components.”

General Session: Speaker Panel: “Being Open”

Flex is still in a transition, easily half the people developing Flex apps, are still using Adobe Flex. What’s keeping them there? What’s it mean that Flex now Apache Flex, is “Open”? Who’s getting involved? How can people get involved?

Speakers will talk about Open Source, the merits, the downsides, more.